Exhibition: “Alice Springs – The MEP Show …” and “Bernard Larsson – Leaving is Entering” [2016/10]

The Museum of Photography (link) featured two amazing exhibitions:

Alice Springs: The MEP Show/ Helmut Newton: Yellow Press / Mart Engelen: Portraits

“Under the pseudonym Alice Springs, June Newton, the widow of the legendary photographer of fashion and nudes, also worked as a photographer, with a particular focus on portraiture. Helmut Newton and Alice Springs often exhibited their work together, most notably in their joint project “Us and Them.” […]

Once again, Helmut Newton’s wish to invite a photographer to exhibit in “June’s Room” will be posthumously fulfilled. Amsterdam-based photographer Mart Engelen, who also publishes an exclusive photography magazine, will show more than 20 black & white portraits from the contemporary cultural scene, inspired by French film noir and including the likes of writer Michel Houellebecq, visual artists Gilbert & George, and musician Pete Doherty.” (link)

and Bernard Larsson. Leaving is Entering. Photographs 1961 – 1968

“Moved by the construction of the Berlin Wall in August 1961, he left Paris so that he could build up his own picture of the situation in the divided city. Larsson was to become one of the most important photographers of everyday life on both sides of the Wall, culminating in the publication of his book ‘Berlin: The Complete City. Political Photographs’ in 1964.” (link)

There is not much more to add from my side, as usual I’ve updated / created Pinterest boards accordingly …

Pinterest board: Helmut Newton

Pinterest board: Alice Springs

Pinterest board: Mart Engelen

Pinterest board: Bernard Larsson

Good inspiration,

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