Exhibition: “Gordon Parks: I am you. Selected Works. 1942 – 1978” [2016/10]

C|O Berlin (link) featured the exhibition: Gordon Parks: I am you. Selected Works. 1942 – 1978

“A camera doesn’t simply take pictures. It can be a powerful tool against oppression, racism, violence, and inequality. Gordon Parks described his camera as his weapon of choice, and he used photography incisively throughout his career, exposing the bifurcation of the American way of life and seeking to mediate between groups in a deeply divided society. As an important chronicler of the fight for equal rights for African-Americans, he dealt with topics—poverty, marginalization, injustice—that continue to be relevant today.” (link)

I’ve really enjoyed his own style and the amazing variety of his work (he also photographed white models as a black photographer in the 1940’s!). Great exhibition and catalogue!!

As usual I’ve created a Pinterest board so that you can see some examples of his work.

Good inspiration,
yours Sven Michael

Pinterest board: Gordon Parks

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