Exhibition: “Jimmy Nelson – Before They Part II” and “Latest Finds” [2016/10]

The lovely gallery Camera Work in Berlin (link) showcased the exhibition “Jimmy Nelson – Before They Part II”

“After the internationally highly considered exhibition »Before They Pass Away«, Jimmy Nelson continued his mission in life to portray the most fascinating indigenous peoples in the world. All exhibited works are on display for the very first time and have not been seen before.” (link).

»Latest Finds« was an exhibition at the CWC gallery in Berlin (link).

“The exhibition exclusively shows more than 40 recent works of 15 international artists that have never been exposed before. The images give an insight into the recent works and series of artists like Tina Berning & Michelangelo Di Battista, Anton Corbijn, Victor Demarchelier, Tom Jacobi, Russell James, Eugenio Recuenco, Yoram Roth, Martin Schoeller und Albert Watson.” (link)

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P.S. when visiting the CWC gallery you must also stop by at the Mogg deli in the basement for a Pastrami sandwich (link), absolutely delicious !!!

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Exhibition: Andreas Gursky. not abstract [2016/09]

20140424-untitled-001-150The K20 museum in Düsseldorf (link) featured the exhibition “Andreas Gursky – not abstract”:

“From early in his career, abstraction has served Gursky as a resource for compositional freedom, and in his view, establishes the closest possible proximity between painting and photography. Nevertheless, explains the artist, photography is never completely abstract: it is always bound up with the object. The exhibition at the K20 features the diverse forms of abstraction that have appeared in this artist’s oeuvre.” (www.kunstsammlung.de)

I love Gursky’s work and did enjoy the exhibition.

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20140424-untitled-001-150KEN SCHLES, JEFFREY SILVERTHORNE, MIRON ZOWNIR by Deichtorhallen Hamburg

“The theme of the city, with its subcultures, promises, and dangers, runs through the three photographic oeuvres of Ken Schles, Jeffrey Silverthorne and Miron Zownir, which will be presented in the House of Photography at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg from 5 May to 7 August 2016. »Silverthorne, Schles, and Zownir touch on social taboos that we avoid. With the power of their radical gaze, reality is catapulted back into our consciousness and thus once again becomes part of our existence,« says Ingo Taubhorn, curator of the exhibitions.” [deichtorhallen.de]

My personal highlights have been the 1980’s New York City documentations:

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Exhibition: Greg Gorman. Color Works [2015/12]

20140424-untitled-001-150The Museum of Photography in Berlin (link) is featuring the exhibition “Greg Gorman: Color Works”:

This exhibition “presents Gorman’s color photography for the first time in Germany. […] In his portraits, Gorman both reflects and critiques the gradually fading myth of Hollywood. The images, many of which were produced on commission for magazines, are individual and formally diverse. Gorman’s unique photographic style fuses with his client’s wishes and the impulses of his portrayed subjects in a remarkable mélange.” (www.smb.museum.de; read more)

At the end of this post you will find a video, showing Greg Gorman speaking about his work @ the SVA NCY.

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Exhibition: This Is Us [2015/12]

20140424-untitled-001-150The Berlinische Gallery (link) – first of all I have to mention what for a great museum this is! – features the exhibition “THIS IS US PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY 1996–2013”:

“Ever since photography was invented, images of people have been an unending source of fascination. The nine different series of portrait photography in this exhibition […] were taken on the street and in the studio, in a documentary context and in an experimental framework. We experience the full spectrum of strategies, methods and attitudes currently adopted by photographers who address this genre from an artistic perspective. […] The photographers are Max Baumann, Kristleifur Björnsson, Dunja Evers, Verena Jaekel, Birgit Kleber, Boris Mikhailov, Loredana Nemes, Michael Schäfer and Tobias Zielony.” (http://www.berlinischegalerie.de)

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Exhibition: Germaine Krull. Photographs [2015/12]

20140424-untitled-001-150Martin-Gropius-Bau (link) has dedicated an exhibition to Germane Krull (1897 – 1985),

“a prominent photographer in 1920s and ‘30s Paris, who shaped the history of photography with her experimental shots and photo articles for magazines like VU, Variété and Jazz. She is one of the protagonists of modern-day photography, yet her work has rarely been explored, and only presented at a few exhibitions. For the first time in Germany, the Martin-Gropius-Bau, in co-operation with the Jeu de Paume Paris, is dedicating a retrospective to the focus areas of her work and her aesthetic innovations. With about 130 original prints, and excerpts from photo magazines, the exhibition demonstrates the extraordinary depth and inventiveness of her pieces.” (http://www.berlinerfestspiele.de; read more)

Below I’ve added a video about the exhibition at Jeu de Paume from 02 June 2015 until 27 September 2015.

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