Another one from this night

There is another one from this first snow in 2013 November night I would like to share with you:

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© Sven Michael Golimowski, 2013

Like with the other photograph, I really like the mood of this picture. For instance the sense of movement between the bar tender throwing the snow down from the bar’s pergola and the crossing car behind.

Or on the other hand this moment of being surprised of the first snow of the year during the evening / night. And therefore you have to go out during the night in order to clean the pedestrian, street etc. from the first white powder.

And as much as I thought at this time, that I need a new camera to capture such a scene in perfect sharpness, I love the blurriness of the photograph today. It reminds me of this night’s slippery walk. Of course my shoes where not at all made for snowy streets. And therefore I couldn’t find any stable stand to take the photographs. And not to be forgotten, I can remember as it would have been yesterday, how cold my fingers were while taking these photographs.

Finally I would like to take this post to wish you and your beloved ones (snowy) Merry Christmas 2020!
Above all – during this COVID-19 pandemic times – I wish you restful, healthy and peaceful days.

Sven Michael

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