Bye bye 2020

Bye bye 2020 and hello 2021!

2020 was a rough year (tag word COVID-19 pandemic) and we all had to suffer from it in the one or the other way. Whatever it has brought to us, sadly enough we cannot change it anymore. Therefore let’s wrap up 2020 and welcome 2021. I’m crossing the fingers that it will bring all of us better times…

As you already know from my previous post, I have started to re-work my entire portfolio in 2020. Of course it takes me more time than anticipated, but today I have finished my 2013 photographs. Yippieee, and it means that my Streetscape Portfolio is back online, just in time for NYE!

This is why I would like to close 2020 here, by sharing with you my favourite photograph from 2013:

Europe, Germany, Hamburg, Sven Michael, Urban Photography, architectural, architecture, city, cityscape, color, colour, night, scenic, structures
© Sven Michael Golimowski, 2013

It was cold and I was walking across the Hamburg Harbour City without knowing what I wanted to photograph. Carrying all of my heavy equipment at that time. However when I wanted to return home, quite frustrated that I didn’t capture anything special, I remembered this feeling of a great scene. I went back to this place. At that time I wasn’t yet in story telling, but somehow I knew it was telling one.

The result marks a cornerstone in my creative work. Since then I’m trying to capture such an atmosphere with my photographs. And despite a possible first impression of loneliness, for me this photography creates an emotion of inclusion – someone left her or his bicycle to join a group of people inside the building, most portably a party…

Therefore: bye bye 2020 and hello 2021 – I wish you all health, luck and fun for the next year!

Sven Michael

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