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It’s a while – most probably already around 2 years – since the last post and now I have removed all content. Mmmhh … Of course, you are right, a creative crisis has heavily hit me. And after tons of books, articles, (video) trainings and courses, I’m back to that I like taking photographs – what a relief, it’s as simple as that!

It goes hand in hand with a cleansing and re-furbishment of my portfolio. Also I wanted to wait until this is done before upgrading my homepage… a provider change etc. came in between. And this has lead to that the new homepage is already online now. This means I will have to add the content step by step. But hey, the positive in it is that you will be able to discover my portfolio step by step together with me.

Like this picture from 2013. One of my first ones after I had decided to learn photographing. I still remember it as it would be yesterday. After this night I had decided that I need a new camera (although I had already a wonderful X-100). At that time I was still of the opinion that only technical perfect pictures are good ones … today I really like this photograph because of it’s mood. We were coming home from a late dinner and this November evening it started to snow. It was this magic first snow of the year at night.

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© Sven Michael Golimowski, 2013

Beside re-publishing my portfolio step by step I will also re-build this blog. Therefore I will re-publish some of the older posts when it is time for them. So all in all I really hope that the next post will not start with “It’s a while…” again and that you will enjoy the new content coming up the next weeks!

Sven Michael

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