Keywords and IPTC etc.

Luckily it is cold and unfriendly outside. This makes it less hurtful sitting all the day over Keywords and IPTC etc. for the Lightroom Catalogue update. Here is a picture of 2015, to illustrate how it looks like here:

B&W, Europe, Germany, Hamburg, Sven Michael, Urban Photography, Winter, black & white, black and white, city, day, ecology, ecosystem, environment, environmentalism, seasons, snow, snowing, street scene, streetscape, weather, wintertime
© Sven Michael Golimowski, 2015

Back to my Lightroom Catalogue work. Together with my portfolio overhaul I’m also updating the metadata within my Lightroom Catalogue. For this I’m using the Controlled Vocabulary as my basis.

For IPTC it’s quite easy. And we all should do it, right?

Using People and Places information is a question of individual taste. And I regret that I like to have the places in the system. On the one hand it is enjoyable to remember where I have taken a photograph. On the the other hand it can be become a pain in the ass to try to find the exact place again after several years.

But I really struggle with the keyword setting. I mean of course I should know as the photographer which emotions and concepts I want to illustrate. And even before I’m taking the photograph. But having to set keywords somehow in a mass-upload for all my photographs over-exceeds my capabilities…

That’s why I have changed my routines. I think keywording a photograph is a process. It starts with what you had in mind when planning and taking the photograph, continues witch the selection and post-production thoughts and emotions and will further evolve with any upcoming portfolio review. As such I’m now focusing on to define the basic set of keywords per photograph to start and enable this process.

Keywords and IPTC etc. a must have or not, what do you think?

Sven Michael

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