Besides my passion for modern big cities, my second passion is the night life. I’m a night bird, no doubts about that. And it is not just about making party. It is more this wonderful feeling when a day doesn’t end, because you don’t want it. This moment where you don’t care what tomorrow brings.
An early meeting or so, who cares? Going deep into a discussion, over one or two or more … bottles of wine.
Finding your dancing queen until you literally cannot stand anymore.
This wonderful intense taste of a great midnight dinner after a great theatre play or opera or ballet.
Being the last one in bar until the cleaning lady comes, still sharing big dreams and wishes with strangers. And so on. The night is my métier. It has always been.

The Nightlife Series is focusing on those moments, only the night can deliver. A group of people sitting together, seperated from the dark by their lights and enjoying their company.
Single persons strolling alone through the darkness.
Party people out in the streets.
The interaction between people – alone, couples and/or groups – which has this special twist of being out there together in the dark streets, even when they don’t know each other. In order to capture this special moments, it is part of my Streetscape series.

You can also find my portfolio work of this series in the Nightlife portfolio online gallery.

Let’s meet during the night!

Sven Michael

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