My Urban Photography is about Capturing City-life Scenes. My focus is on people, stories, moments and actions. Therefore I have grouped my Urban Photography portfolio along three categories: Cityscapes, Lifescapes and Streetscapes.
In this post and blog category I’m show-casting some of my Streetscapes: reportage of urban street-life. I love to walk through a city and to soak up the energy it gives me.

I’m a children of the modern times… and more importantly of the modern big cities!
My passion is to deep dive into this city-life. And that’s why I take any chance to travel to cities all over the world: enjoying great exhibitions, theatre, ballet shows, concerts, football games, exciting street and night life and delicious food & wine. It’s the subject of my life, I could never live in the country side.

Sven Michael

“Scape” means “a view or picture of a scene” (). I really like this word, because it stands for what I want to achieve: “In drama, a scene is a unit of action” (). And this is what I try to transport with my photographs. Here are a few of my portfolio Streetscapes:

Please follow this link to find my current Streetscapes online portfolio gallery. And if you want to find out more about my Streetscape series, you just need to follow this link to see all related posts.

Sven Michael

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