Late at the station

Under project name “We are back at the studio”, I’ve teamed up again with the “Glamorous night out” team. This time we were meeting at the FilmFabrique Studio () in Hamburg. Our aim was to shoot another Lifescape series. “Late at the Station” is about strangers strolling around an abandoned train station. They are all having their own life stories why they are at such a lonely place after dusk.

This series theme is about a given location within a city, which acts like a magnet. A magnet which is combining different life stories into one location and point in time. And for me vital modern cities are creating such points again and again. They are just temporary structures in an overall individualised life lines of the city’s residence.

the young wife waiting for her husband to return home | the young man who wants to escape looniness but doesn’t know how | the young woman who needs some time alone | the motorcycle driver who has the ride of his life and just stops by | the party girl who is getting ready for a secret party at the station

… and if you want to see the Lifescape portfolio pieces of this series, please follow this link: Online Gallery “Late at the Station”.

you will meet again the young wife still waiting for her husband to return home | the commissioner who followed a anonymous tip about a secret party at the station | the young woman again, now as an investigative journalist and photographer | the young lady who is waiting for her bush-league date to arrive | again the lonely young man looking for distraction | the party girl again, which is ready for her big night out

You want to have a sneak view behind the scenes? Here is the Making of post.

Sven Michael

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