Marrakesh 2017

Spring time in Hamburg with grey days full of rain? Not with me!
In 2017 I wanted to escape into the sun and so I went to Marrakesh. I wanted to enjoy the north-african spring sun and 1000 and 1 night () lifestyle. And finally, I’ve booked a beautiful hotel in the Medina () and I wanted to relax and enjoy myself while strolling around, taking some Streetscape pictures. On top I was looking very much forward to enjoy nice food and drink places, that I had read about beforehand online.

You can find more photographs from my visit, following this galleries: Streetscapes | Streetscapes Overview | Nightlife | Working Streets.

And what can I say? First of all the food has been great. Either on a booth at the Jemaa el-Fnaa (), in a fancy restaurant with original Berber dishes or at a rooftop restaurant around the Medina’s markets (). An absolutely new experience and I still cook with my Tajine at home. On top there have been this great rooftop and jazz bars. Both have been great places to either recover from the long walks through the markets or to enjoy an after sunset dinner and drinks. Marrakesh is a real great place to enjoy yourself inside the here and now.

Absolutely amazing was the little but great museum of photography: Maison de la Photographie de Marrakech ().

I’ve bought a little print of “Yassmina, Ouazzane”, () from Van Diestch (circa 1935).
Because I love the power and strength of this woman in this photograph. She must have been really challenging for the society of her time.
That’s makes here so beautiful for me!

“Yassmina, Ouazzane” Van Diestch, circa 1935

Another highlight has been a cooking lesson at the hotel!
While the (delicious) dishes were cooking, I was sitting down over a drink with the young chef on the roof top terrace. It was a sunny day, in our back we saw the Atlas mountains and in-front of us we had a beautiful view over the Medina. We were talking about her life in Marrakesh and what made her becoming a chef. It was just lovely and I’ve learned so much.
I did the same in Istanbul and I can only recommend doing so. It’s an easy way to learn some more cooking techniques, meet cool new people and you are treated in a very special and fun way!

Sven Michael

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