City Lights

With my series “City Lights” I’m combining the lights of the concrete, static city buildings with the flow, vibrancy and fleetingness of moving people and items. I adore this play between the both.
When I’m out in the city streets at night, their play is creating this feeling of eternity and volatileness at once!

The city is changing its face – even if the buildings are remaining the same – again and again. And this is because of the people and their activities. And this also means, that the people after us will create again another version of our cities. That’s why this series is part of my Cityscape category (definition | portfolio).

This Online Gallery shows a view of my collages from this series:

You can also find my current complete series’ portfolio by clicking on the following link: gallery.

I’m always surprised how moving people are creating certain patterns, as if the people are following some secret roads and meeting points. And using the collage method allows me to identify them, by squeezing a timeframe into one moment.

Moreover I really target to be able to capture also the changes in the look of the cities, while this series is developing. Might be I have to retake the pictures of a place and/or scene from time to time again.

Sven Michael

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