Glamorous night out – Making of

Back in 2017 we’ve teamed up in a studio to shoot for my Lifescape series “Glamorous night out.” It was a great team and we had a lot of fun together. As you will see on the Making of photographs.

I still remember the morning of the first shooting day. Because it was my first studio shooting ever, I had already brought all my equipment to the studio the day before. And I was rehearsing the planned shootings the day before. Of course I couldn’t do all planned test shoots because I was running completely out of time. Finally I’ve ended up much too late, scared if everything will work tomorrow and totally tired at home. And I still had to prepare the shooting debrief and Model Release contracts.
Consequently the next morning was pure chaos. First I’ve slept in, second all print outs had spelling mistakes and I had to jump into a taxi. All of this without any morning coffee , otherwise I didn’t had a chance to be on time at the studio.
And then I had the biggest luck ever. The taxi driver was laughing when I rushed into her taxi, immediately starting to correct the printouts and looking quite nervous on my watch. She said “I better drive my secret shortcuts now, don’t worry you will make it in time”.
Then, as soon as I had finished the last correction, she really cheered me up. Some jokes, a quick coffee pitstop – after she had heard that I still didn’t had one in the morning – and we arrived just perfect on time at the studio!

This is, when the “Glamorous night out – Making of” did start, and at the end I had two most wonderful days.

Models: Chiara (), Christopher, Craig, Janine, Lukas, Mario, Michel, Robert, Sebastian
Hair- & Makeup Artist: Mai Huynh ()
Studio: the offlab (closed)


Here you will find the finals results: blog post – and portfolio online gallery.

Sven Michael

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