Glamorous night out

“Glamorous night out” is one of my Lifescape series.
This series is all about this recurrent question: What’s happening behind closed doors and shuttered windows, while you are walking through the city at night? And in this case imagining different scenes before and after a glamorous night out. Getting ready for a big party or coming back home after a fabulous night… All characters have their own urban lifestyle and needs. Join in some of this stories, all with a certain twist of humour…

the fisherman who would prefer to process his catch of the day first | the young man who is back home with his bike and who is enjoying looking at the photographs of his family before going to bed | the entrepreneur who dreams after the party of his next big business innovation | the lonely man who tries to contact his beloved ones being back home late at his bachelor residence abroad | the party girl who enjoys a big pizza after having come back | the business man who is checking the financial news while closing the night home

… and if you want to see more photographs of this series, please follow this link: Online Gallery “Glamorous night out”.

you will meet the pizza lady and business man again | the mother who tries everything to be ready for the big party | the man who would prefer to stay at home and to finish some of his craftsman’s projects | the sailor who is still trying to finish the hostess gift

This has been my first staged shooting at a studio. Therefore I will always be carrying this experience with me and I will always be grateful for all the wonderful people who have made this possible (the Making of).

Sven Michael

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