Waiting for the Train

One of my Streetscape series is “Waiting for the Train“. It‘s a constant theme of my life. I never wanted to have an own driving licence and that‘s why I‘m traveling nearly every day with public transportation. Consequently waiting – for my next bus, aircraft, taxi etc. – is an essential part of my life routines.

With “Waiting for the Train” I want to capture this special moments, when people are totally by themselves killing the time until the next connection or when they are rushing to the next platform. These are this special private moments within a crowd of people, which makes it so wonderful to capture city life.

This Online Gallery shows some of my portfolio Streetscapes from this series, taken all around the world. That’s because I also love to take public transportation’s during my travels. Not because I have no other choice, but I totally enjoy to deep dive into this sub-culture and to experience it’s differences and commons between all the diverse lifestyles around the world.

You can also find my current complete series’ portfolio by clicking on the following link: gallery.

And I’m excited looking forward to the upcoming changes of urban transportation. It is just amazing looking around what is developing worldwide in regards to urban mobility. Programmes to drive the change, new products and technical innovations, first pilots, etc. – e.g. Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI, ) who is a partner of the UN-Habitat () programme for a better urban future, or automotive manufacturer BMW (). We are no longer waiting, if the change is coming – but we are in the middle of the change. And I’m absolutely sure that I will be able to illustrate this transformation in my ongoing “Waiting for the Train“ series.

Sven Michael

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