My first model job ;-)

I still remember my first Photokina visit in 2014. Unfortunately it was stopped meanwhile due to Covid (press release ).
Photographer Benjamin Von Wong asked me to come on the Photokina FotoTV.stage () during his presentation and life shooting for the “Gen NEXT by Broncolor” () show. He was shooting together with fantastic Ophelia Overdose () and in order to finalise his composition, he asked me and another volunteer to pose next to her. Not too bad for my first model job ;-).

© Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is doing an amazing creative work, fully engaged in inspiration () and in pushing yourself to the next limit, getting things done (). He is extremely motivating and inspiring.

But first a short video of the shooting:

At the beginning of the video Gen NEXT photographer Manuel Mittelpunkt () is doing a cool still life shooting with his “Liquid Dancefloor”, just wind back to see it. It’s highly recommended.

And don’t let us discuss here why the Photokina has ended. If it is sad or not. Or even more subjective, what her pro’s and con’s have been. All of this is relevant, but there are plenty of other blogs already doing this in a very detailed way.

I just wanted to share with you my good memories of this event. And my hope that there will be something similar in our diaries soon. A week only about photography, photography, photography and about meeting other enthusiasts from all parts of the world…

Sven Michael

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