Paris 2013 – 2015

I was never a “Paris – guy”. Somehow there seems to be either a “London-person” or a “Paris-person”, and I was clearly the first kind of person. I’ve spent three summers in England during my teenager times, and the London visits included, haven’t been just great, but have let me fall in love with this amazing city!
It was mainly due to a love affair who let me visit Paris more frequently in 2013. And I continued to travel their until 2015. Today I love both cities. Paris in particular for its enjoyable combination of relaxing gardens, old buildings, great cafe and restaurants, party life in the streets and breathtaking museums and stages. It’s pure vibrancy connecting the past with the now!

Paris 2013 – 2015 is showcasing some of the photographs I have taken during this times.

You can also find some of them in the following galleries: Streetscapes | Night Life | Waiting for the Train | Working Streets.

If you ask me about what you shouldn’t miss during your next Paris visit, I most probably come up with a list you can also find in a travel guide.
But hey, these places are so amazing, you need to visit them! L’Orangerie (), Musée d’Orsay (), Centre Pompidou (), Pinacothèque de Paris (), Musée Rodin (), Musée Maillol (), Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris (), Le Palais Garnier (), Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Jardin du Luxembourg and La Défense.

Paris 2015

I wanted to visit the Paris Photo () and was scheduled to fly in the Saturday morning. Friday night was quite long and with a lot of drinks, so I’ve entered the taxi in a good hangover the Saturday morning at 6am.
The taxi driver asked me where I’m going. Already strange enough, they normally just ask you for the terminal / airline. And after I’ve said I’m going to Paris, he said that I might be not able to go there… Smartphone out, shocked by the news, and I’ve decided to still going there. I don’t want to become a victim of this (sorry for my language) assholes (Paris terrorist attack 2015 )!!
Arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport was a pure mess. You could see why the European Nation is such a great idea. The airport was simply overwhelmed by controlling the passengers travelling into France. And then, after an endless while, arriving in the city was so strange. It was spooky empty and there were all the police officers and army people patrolling around.
But still, although the Paris Photo was cancelled and nothing touristic was opened, it has been a wonderful time. The Sunday morning when the Parisians went back on the streets, runners and families at the Seine and all the cafe’s occupied… It felt like an open call of freedom, you cannot stop us!
And I felt just being part of it.

I don’t know why, but the last years Paris wasn’t on my travel bucket list. But writing this post, it needs to be reintroduced as an constant travel destination. Hope to see you there…

Sven Michael

Here below some inspirations from the above mentioned museums:

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