Category / Urban Photography

Sven Michael’s Urban Photography is about Capturing City-life Scenes.

In his work he is combining his two passions: photographing and deep diving into city-life. For that he is traveling to cities all over the world: enjoying great exhibitions, theatre, ballet shows and concerts; football games; exciting street and night life and delicious food & wine. And while doing so he loves taking photographs.

Over all he is focusing on people, stories, moments and actions. Therefore he has grouped his portfolio along three categories:

  • Cityscapes: portraits of urban architecture and structures

  • Lifescapes: portraits of urban stories and lifestyle

  • Streetscapes: reportage of urban street-life

“Scape” means “a view or picture of a scene” (). And this perfectly describes his ambition. For his photography he is targeting to portray urban life or charters through action and dialogue ().

You can find some of his portfolio work in Online Galleries on his homepage .