Working Streets

With my Streetscapes I’m focusing on urban street-life reportages. For me one of the key aspect of modern cities is, that the street itself is the workplace for many people. Street shops, street musicians, street cleaner and so on. And the “street workers” are a key item of a city experience. Who hasn’t enjoyed a street artists show, in a late summer night, while grabbing a beer from a kiosk? Or the street musicians playing at your outdoor restaurant table while enjoying your nightcap? In my series “Working Streets” I’m capturing those moments, where “street workers” are making the mood of the street and the moment.

Here are some of my early works:

If you want to discover my portfolio work of this series, please visit the online gallery “Working Streets”.

My own “street worker” carrier is limited to one year of carrying out newspapers during my teenager years. Ah, not right, there was this one day… After my classical guitar lesson I had to wait for my parents to pick me up. It must have been in my pre-teenager years. It took a little bit longer for my parents, so I sat down in the sun behind the music school and started to play guitar. I’m not sure, but I think only my parents have thrown some coins into my guitar case. Nevertheless, I was very proud. My first self earned money. Yeah…

Sven Michael

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