Prague 2014

How does a city travel with summer-sun and plenty of local beer breweries and -gardens sound to you?
Ok, should be a little bit more for a whole week. So let’s add great pub food, little wine & cheese places and a one star Michelin dinner. Still not enough… art museums / galleries, a ballet show in a beautiful old Opera () and an amazing concert in a Jazz cellar bar.
Together with interesting sightseeing and nightlife, this sounds just perfect for me (see about me). And so I went for one week to Prague in 2014.

Although the weather was very hot, it was absolutely enjoyable. The city lifestyle along the river, with the biergartens outside, the little squares and gardens, and the bars in the old buildings guaranteed enough rests to recover and to stay fit.

I had the luck to see the exhibition “THOMAS HOEPKER – HEARTLAND” (), at the Leica Gallery Prague () in 2014.

The exhibited series of black-and-white photographs by the well-known Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker, shows life in the United States in the mid-1960s. The photographs were made on assignment for the German Kristall magazine, where they were published together with an article by Rolf Winter. At a time when most Europeans’ typical picture of the USA was Manhattan and its skyscrapers, Hoepker’s photographs revealed the true face of the country, including its problems. His unique snapshots, bizarre scenes, and portraits full of emotion provide a comprehensive image of America of that period.


I have added two Pinterest boards below for your inspiration. I hope you will enjoy it!

The gallery itself is absolutely beautiful and has a very welcoming and lovely charm. As well as the exhibition, which was small but WoW! I hope you will be once able to visit a great exhibition at this gallery by yourself.

Sven Michael


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