Athens 2017

Since I had a relationship with a Greece woman in my teenager days, I wanted to visit Greece. My main interest was in experiencing Athens and in 2017 it was the time or it.
Finally it wasn’t so much of a photographing travel. I really needed a time out.
Therefore my main priority was on a nice hotel and lot’s of discovery walks.
And to really use the walks to let my thoughts fly, getting many of new inspirations and disconnect from my day-to-day routines.

Although I like some of the Streetscapes, I don’t think they gonna make it into my portfolio. They have been more or less snapshots. As said, I was way more focusing on relaxing than taking serious photographs. Nevertheless I want to share them, because they are giving a good impression of the wonderful mood in this city!

For instance, in my imagination the Acropolis () was the ancient Reeperbahn (). The accommodation of theatres, statues and temples must have been the entertainment district of this times. Especially if you imagine all the colours, this building must have had. At least if you follow the findings of the wonderful Acropolis Museum ().

Being at the cradle of democracy is so inspiring! And above all, similar to my Rome experience, it is a wonderful lively society in between old stones. I definitely will go back there and this time with a more serious attempt to take photographs.
Finally I can only say, go there!

Sven Michael

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