Hamburg 2013 – 2016

Hamburg is my current home city. Therefore it is also one of my major subjects for my photography. However, I couldn’t live in a more beautiful city. Hamburg () has everything: beautiful old and modern architecture, a lively street live and urban culture (see about me).
Here are some of my Cityscapes and Streetscapes taken in Hamburg from 2013 – 2016:

You will find more of them inside the following galleries: Cityscapes | Streetscapes | City Lights | Nightlife.

The above mentioned urban culture includes great concerts, restaurants, sport events, festivals, opera, ballet and so on. In addition, from a photographer’s perspective there are two save bets.
Firstly the Museum Deichtorhallen (). Their House of Photography is always displaying excellent and international photography exhibitions.
Secondly the yearly Triennial of Photography (). An event which is all over the city. Including a festival week and an exhibitions week. The later one is involving plenty of museums and galleries. Accomplished by many further events and with a changing theme every year.
Both are absolutely amazing. And always worth a Hamburg visit! I’ve added some inspiration for you below.

Finally, I don’t think I could describe Hamburg in the way it deserves it. You should really visit it by yourself.

Sven Michael


Here below some inspirations from the above mentioned museums / exhibitions:

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