Dublin 2017

Back in November 2017, I wanted to escape the routines in Hamburg for a long weekend. I had a rough time the months before and therefore I was looking for a place to take it easy. Not too much of sightseeing, some great pubs to go to & relax, but still some culture to discover. Sun was not a must, and that’s why I have selected Dublin from my travel bucket list.

My focus was really on escaping the routines, that’s why I haven’t captured any Streetscape portfolio works. Nevertheless I took some photographs during my long walks through the city. Here are some of them:

My highlight was a wonderful long walk from my hotel to the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA ) via the Guinness brewery. Or better the Guinness () brewery suburb. There are so many brewery buildings and places in this area.
It was already late in a rainy and grey November day, when I’ve started my walk. And I don’t know why – and it was not just because of the one and other pub visit to warm up myself – I really enjoyed it! Walking up the hill in little streets, far away from Temple Bar and any other tourist’s attractions. Ok, the Guinness brewery area was an exception, but due to the bad weather it was still not overcrowded.

And then this beautiful museum in an old hospital building, on the top of the hill, within a beautiful garden. Absolutely rewarding for the long walk. Not only for the great venue, but also for the great exhibitions on display.

I have added a link to the IMMA’s Twitter account below, I hope you will be inspired!

Sven Michael

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