Istanbul 2018

I was in the middle of my training programme to get fit for the 10k “Lauf zwischen den Meeren” () run. And I couldn’t stand any more my standard running course, neither my daily routines without any new impressions. So the decision was to travel to a training camp with lots of cultural attractions and distractions (see about me). Istanbul 2018 I’m coming.

You can also find some of them in the following galleries: Streetscapes | Working Streets.

My stay

This city is amazing and I had a wonderful time. Beside my every day morning run through the beautiful Gülhane Parki nearby the Hagia Sophia (), my hotel was located right in the middle of the old town, I had a never-ending itinerary.
For example all the classical sightseeing spots, like: Hagia Sophia (), The Basilica Cistern (), Topkapi Palace (), Sultan Ahmed Mosque (), Misir Carsisi (), Kapalıçarşı (), Whirling Dervishes Live Show () and so on. Up to here we have still not left the old city! Or some (half-)day trips by ship: Bosphorus cruise tour to the Black Sea, Princes’ Islands roundtrip. The list is simply endless.

And it continuous. I couldn’t see all exhibitions that I wanted to see, simply too many at the same time. Nevertheless I have visited a couple of amazing museums: Istanbul Modern (), Istanbul Photography Museum (), Pera Museum (), Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam () and Istanbul Archaeological Museums ().
But it wasn’t about running behind my itinerary checkpoints, at all. This city invites you to simply stroll around, enjoy your time and relax. For instance in Karaköy, Taksim and Beşiktaş with their beautiful (Bosphorus) restaurants, bars and cafes. I even tried to get a ticket for the game at Vodafone Park (). After the person in the ticket shop told me how long the game was sold out, I’ve understood the laughing police man when I was asking him, if I’m allowed to pass to go to the ticket shop and to buy one for me. Next time!
Ok, everything described in travel guides so far. But hey, it was my first visit.

There has been a view negative moments as well. And I am happy that I’ve travelled to Istanbul in 2018. Right now I wouldn’t do so. Absolutely not because of the people!
But teenager with automatic guns and police shirts and the right to check you at any time, are not creating a nice atmosphere. But this shouldn’t be the focus of this post. I just hope that this situation will be soon over!

Strolling around

I found it quite interesting that the same kind of shops are always located in one street, next to each other. For example all shoe shops are in one street of the old city, or all carpet shops. And on top, you could even see the value stream. It was clearly going up the hill.
For example the leather makers were located at the bottom of the hill, and they have been the poorest ones. The same street a little bit more uphill, the sewers are having their place, and a little bit more uphill the shops with the cheap shoes, and finally at the end of the street and on the top of the hill, the shops with the Gucci etc. shoes.
I call one of the photographs which I have made on one of such a street: “Playing with your food”. It shows two little boys playing with some little chicken on the street stairs… Most probably and sadly the title is truth. Their homes and parents working places where at the bottom of the hill.


Somehow this got more a travel report than introducing my new portfolio photographs, taken in Istanbul, to you. But I think this is, because I was absolutely thrilled by Istanbul! And if the times would be different, I would definitely travel there more frequently.
The photographer scene is extremely interesting. Most probably you all know already Ara Güler (). And there are so many more: for example Ekin Özbiçer (), Sedat Pakay () and Timurtas Onan ().
I’m looking forward meeting you there, enjoying this wonderful place of history, future, great people, outstanding artists and pure life quality.

Sven Michael

Here below some inspirations from the above mentioned photographers:

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