London 2014

One of my favourite cities in the world is London!
I’ve visited London the first time during a holiday exchange programme for teenagers. And since then I’ve felt in love with this wonderful place. In 2014 I went for visiting London again to take some of my Streetscapes.

London is one of the view “Global Cities” in the world (refer to Saskia Sassen ). I think that this is what is fascinating me since my first visit (about me). The resulting energy, diversity, creativity and speed of change, which you can sense in London’s streets:

The growth of networked cross-border dynamics among global cities includes a broad range of domains: political, cultural, social, and criminal. There are cross-border transactions among immigrant communities and communities of origin, and a greater intensity in the use of these networks once they become established, including for economic activities. We also see greater cross-border networks for cultural purposes, as in the growth of international markets for art and a transnational class of curators; and for non-formal political purposes, as in the growth of transnational networks of activ- ists around environmental causes, human rights, and so on. These are largely city-to- city cross-border networks, or, at least, it appears at this time to be simpler to capture the existence and modalities of these networks at the city level. ()

This is what I’m aiming at capturing with my Streetscapes:

You can also find some of them in the following galleries: Streetscapes | Waiting for the Train | Working Streets.

I cannot finish this post, without mentioning the wonderful museums of London. Without any rating of the non-mentioned museums, my 2014 London favourites have been: Tate Modern () and the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize (). Below you will find some inspirations of both.

Sven Michael


Here below some inspirations from the above mentioned museums / exhibitions:

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