Paris 2013 – 2015

Sven Michael, Urban Photography, Paris 2013 - 2015

I was never a “Paris – guy”. Somehow there seems to be either a “London-person” or a “Paris-person”, and I was clearly the first kind of person. I’ve spent three summers in England during my teenager times, and the London visits included, haven’t been just great, but have let me fall in love with this […]

Berlin 2013 – 2016

Sven Michael, Urban Photography, Berlin 2013 - 2016

My most favourite German city is Berlin. I love the opportunities this city gives to me – for example it’s not the one exhibition every quarter of a year but more every day/week/month. And thus I’m travelling frequently there. Berlin 2013 – 2016 is showcasing some of my photographs taken during this visits. You can […]

Marrakesh 2017

Sven Michael, Urban Photography, Marrakesh 2017

Spring time in Hamburg with grey days full of rain? Not with me! In 2017 I wanted to escape into the sun and so I went to Marrakesh. I wanted to enjoy the north-african spring sun and 1000 and 1 night (→) lifestyle. And finally, I’ve booked a beautiful hotel in the Medina (→) and […]

Late at the station

Late at the station, Sven Michael, Urban Photography

Under project name “We are back at the studio”, I’ve teamed up again with the “Glamorous night out” team. This time we were meeting at the FilmFabrique Studio (→) in Hamburg. Our aim was to shoot another Lifescape series. “Late at the Station” is about strangers strolling around an abandoned train station. They are all […]

Late at the station – Making of

Late at the station - Making of

Under the project name “We are back at the studio”, I’ve teamed up again with the “Glamorous night out” team. This time we were meeting at the FilmFabrique Studio (→) in Hamburg. Our aim was to shoot another Lifescape series “Late at the Station”. Luckily Mai (→) joined us again as Hair- & Makeup Artist and she did (as […]


Sven Michael, Urban Photography, Nightlife

Besides my passion for modern big cities, my second passion is the night life. I’m a night bird, no doubts about that. And it is not just about making party. It is more this wonderful feeling when a day doesn’t end, because you don’t want it. This moment where you don’t care what tomorrow brings. […]

Dublin 2017

Dublin 2017, Sven Michael, Urban Photography

Back in November 2017, I wanted to escape the routines in Hamburg for a long weekend. I had a rough time the months before and therefore I was looking for a place to take it easy. Not too much of sightseeing, some great pubs to go to & relax, but still some culture to discover. […]

HKG 2018 – Panoramas

Asia, Hong Kong, Sven Michael, Urban Photography, architectural, architecture, city, cityscape, color, colour, structures

One of the reasons, why I wanted to visit Hong Kong so much, have been the fascinating photographs of the skyline and urban architecture. And when I finally spent NYE 2018 in Hong Kong (blog post), one of my top to-do’s was to take HKG 2018 – Panoramas. My target was to photograph the Hong […]

Istanbul 2018

Istanbul 2018, Sven Michael, Urban Photography

I was in the middle of my training programme to get fit for the 10k “Lauf zwischen den Meeren” (→) run. And I couldn’t stand any more my standard running course, neither my daily routines without any new impressions. So the decision was to travel to a training camp with lots of cultural attractions and […]

Prague 2014

Prague 2014, Sven Michael, Urban Photography

How does a city travel with summer-sun and plenty of local beer breweries and -gardens sound to you? Ok, should be a little bit more for a whole week. So let’s add great pub food, little wine & cheese places and a one star Michelin dinner. Still not enough… art museums / galleries, a ballet […]