Working Streets

Sven Michael, Urban Photography, working streets

With my Streetscapes I’m focusing on urban street-life reportages. For me one of the key aspect of modern cities is, that the street itself is the workplace for many people. Street shops, street musicians, street cleaner and so on. And the “street workers” are a key item of a city experience. Who hasn’t enjoyed a […]

Israel 2019

Israel 2019, Sven Michael, Urban Photography

2019 was my first time in Israel. Going there was quite a while on by travel bucket list and in autumn 2019 the time was there. As usual I wanted to escape the Hamburg autumn weather (rain, rain and rain). And after the great experiences in Rome and Athens the years before, I’ve decided to […]

HKG NYE 2018

HKG NYE 2018, Sven Michael, Urban Photography

I’ve visited Hong Kong (HKG) for New Year’s Eve (NYE) party in 2018. And I came back with great impressions: the Chinese markets and foods mixed with English bars and modern clubs. Beach, harbour and port all in one. Amazing modern architecture and buildings combined with old and modern handcraft shops and workshops every where. […]

NYC 2013

NYC 2013, Sven Michael, Urban Photography, NYC 2013

2013 was my first time visiting New York City (NYC) and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Straightaway I felt at home!For instance when stepping out of the bus from the airport – fully loaded with several suitcases and bags – the first thing that came up to my mind was: “Great, […]

City Lights

Sven Michael, Urban Photography, city lights

With my series “City Lights” I’m combining the lights of the concrete, static city buildings with the flow, vibrancy and fleetingness of moving people and items. I adore this play between the both. When I’m out in the city streets at night, their play is creating this feeling of eternity and volatileness at once! The […]

Elbjazz Festival [2015]

ELBJAZZ Festival 2018

ELBJAZZ Festival, Sven Michael, Urban Photography

Since quite a while I love to visit the yearly Elbjazz (→) Festival in Hamburg. It is such a wonderful location: the main stages are located inside the bloom+voss (→) shipyard, with several further stages located all around the Hamburg port, including its latest superstar location, the Elbphilharmonie (→). And it is such a great […]

Glamorous night out

Sven Michael, Urban Photography, glamorous night out

“Glamorous night out” is one of my Lifescape series. This series is all about this recurrent question: What’s happening behind closed doors and shuttered windows, while you are walking through the city at night? And in this case imagining different scenes before and after a glamorous night out. Getting ready for a big party or […]

Glamorous night out – Making of

Glamorous night out - Making of

Back in 2017 we’ve teamed up in a studio to shoot for my Lifescape series “Glamorous night out.” It was a great team and we had a lot of fun together. As you will see on the Making of photographs. I still remember the morning of the first shooting day. Because it was my first […]

Waiting for the Train

Sven Michael, Urban Photography, waiting for the train

One of my Streetscape series is “Waiting for the Train“. It‘s a constant theme of my life. I never wanted to have an own driving licence and that‘s why I‘m traveling nearly every day with public transportation. Consequently waiting – for my next bus, aircraft, taxi etc. – is an essential part of my life […]


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My Urban Photography is about Capturing City-life Scenes. My focus is on people, stories, moments and actions. Therefore I have grouped my Urban Photography portfolio along three categories: Cityscapes, Lifescapes and Streetscapes.In this post and blog category I’m show-casting some of my Lifecapes: portraits of urban stories and lifestyle. Key for me is to capture […]